Raman Illusions

Breath, Entertain, Inspire.

About Us

Raman Is an Illusionist who is determined to create his own brand of magic! From sleight of hand to large illusions, he wants to be an innovator in this ancient art.

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Types of Shows

Find out which show is right for you.

Walk Around Magic

Is the most interactive type of magic as it involves pure sleight of hand. This form of magic is the most difficult type as you are literally performing inches away from your audience.

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Crowd Participating at Parlour Magic Event

Parlour Magic

Is usually for an audience of up to 20 to 100 people. The show is usually 30 minutes long and involves a lot of audience participation.

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Stage Show

Audiences ideally range from 200 to 2000 people. The show is 40 to 50 minutes long, and involves a dove act with a custom made soundtrack, as well as some of the best sleight of hand tricks and illusions that challenge logic!

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